UberNES - Features

UberNES Features

Leaderboards Record your best high scores and speed runs in classic NES games

  • UberNES will automatically save your high scores in 50 classic NES games including Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Tetris.
  • UberNES will also track your fastest speed run times in 10 classic NES games including Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Mega Man 2.
  • Your high scores and speed run times will be recorded and preserved in your "NES Database" file.

Worldwide Rankings Compete for the worldwide high scores and fastest speed runs

  • After downloading the latest UberNES stats, you will be able to see the high scores and speed runs of other UberNES users.
  • If your scores and speed runs are good enough, you will be listed on the UberNES leaderboards after you upload your stats
    • Stats uploading is completely anonymous aside from an optional user name and location that you can provide
  • UberNES takes great care to prevent cheating; use of saved states, Game Genie codes, in-game cheat codes, CPU slow-downs, etc are all monitored and handled accordingly.

History Tracking View the evolution of the leaderboards for each game

  • The history viewer shows a graphical and textual display of the game's history.

  • The two displays are integrated with each other; selecting an event in the textual display will cause the corresponding element in the graphical display to highlight and vice versa

UberNES high score history for Kung Fu

Player Profiles See how you and other UberNES players stack-up

  • The profile displays all of the player's high scores and speed runs
  • The number of "points" awarded to the player for each game are also displayed, which are used to rank the top UberNES players
Sample UberNES player profile

Game Browser Bring your NES collection to life

  • Rather than using the standard "Open a file" window, UberNES provides a rich and fully featured game browser that makes it fun to choose which game to play next
    • When you select a game, all kinds of information about it will be displayed. The publisher, developer, release date, and even the box description from the back of the original package will be displayed
    • If you have box art images on your computer, UberNES will display the box art for each game
    • Statistics from the UberNES leaderboards including high scores and more are also displayed in the game browser
  • In order to provide this feature, UberNES must create a "NES Database" by scanning your ROM collection
    • Creating a database is extremely fast and simple
    • It is even easier to re-scan your ROMs if you download more games and need to update your database. Re-scanning your ROM collection is robust and you are guaranteed to never lose your gameplay stastitics (high scores, speed runs, etc)
Part of UberNES's NES browser.  When a game is selected, all of its information is displayed

Movies Record and playback your NES movies

  • UberNES can record and playback gameplay movies. All of the standard movie functionality is provided through a nice movie console window.
  • "Checkpoints" can be added to movies to mark key points
    • Checkpoints allow you to jump immediately to various points in movies.
    • Checkpoints can also make the movie seek function operate much faster.
  • Movies are stored in a compressed format - 20 minutes of gameplay typically compresses to only 5 KB.
  • NES controller overlays can be displayed as movies play, showing exactly which buttons are being pushed.
  • A local movie gallery makes browsing, playing, and managing your NES movies easy.
An UberNES movie playing.  The checkpoint list lets you quickly jump to key movie points, and the overlays show the current buttons being pressed.

  • An online movie gallery is built into UberNES - using it, you can browse and download the best movies from UberNES users across the world.
  • UberNES performs many gameplay validation checks on movies, ensuring that they are authentic gameplay sessions.
  • You can submit your movies to the online gallery from your local movie gallery.
  • Currently, the movie gallery has many nice movies ranging from UberNES high score runs to start-to-finish completion movies of difficult games like Ghosts and Goblins and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!.
The UberNES online movie gallery.

Debugging Take a look inside the NES

  • UberNES offers a rich set of debugging tools for those interested in seeing how the NES works or debugging NES programs.
  • Each major component of the NES can be visualized by UberNES in separate windows.
    • Since UberNES is a MDI application, viewing the various components is a very natural and clean process
  • For those interested in manipulating the state of the NES itself, UberNES provides a debugging console that allows the user to
    • Trigger various interrupts
    • Change the CPU registers
    • Adjust the computational increment (for performing instruction traces, frame traces, etc)
    • ...and much more
A sample debugging screenshot.

State Browser A convenient interface for loading and saving game states

  • The UberNES state browser allows for intuitive and easy state loading/saving.
  • 100 slots are provided for every game.
The UberNES state browser allows for intuitive and easy state loading/saving.  100 slots are provided for every game.

NSF Player

  • Plays back Nintendo Sound Files and includes a simple visualization tool
  • Nearly all of the custom NES sound chips are supported
The UberNES NSF player playing some music

Game Genie Never type in a Game Genie code again

  • Don't waste your time manually entering Game Genie codes - UberNES can quickly and easily import thousands of Game Genie codes from our online code database!
  • These codes are saved in your NES database so you don't have to worry about re-downloading or re-entering codes, ever.
  • You can use as many codes as you want, simultaneously. (The actual Game Genie device had a limit of 4 simultaneous codes.)
Importing thousands of Game Genie codes using the online database