UberNES - Nintendo Screen Saver

Nintendo Screen Saver Features

Watch Run dozens of NES games at once on your Mac or PC

  • The NES Screen Saver emulates many NES games in real-time, rendering them to your screen as a "wall"

  • You can easily import a massive amount of high-quality content for your wall using the built-in movie gallery
    • Quickly download over 150 UberNES movie playback files that contain over 4 full days of high quality gaming
    • Every movie contains multiple "checkpoints" throughout the playback. For example, the Super Mario Brothers movies contain checkpoints at the start of each level.
    • Each game on your movie wall will start at a random checkpoint, giving you a ton of variety in what you see
    • The UberNES movies and their checkpoints provide a far superior experience compared to simply showing a bunch of title screens
  • All of this work is being done "on the fly" by heavily-optimized, performant code.
    • Because of this, you will need NES ROMs for the screen saver to work

Play Jump in and play any game, at any point. Quit whenever you want

  • Your keyboard and controllers control cursors on the movie wall
  • If you see a game that looks fun, you can simply press a button to "jump in" and take over.
  • When you are done playing that particular game, simply press the button again and you are back in control of your game cursor
  • When a second game cursor "jumps in" to a game, it is automatically assigned to the "controller 2" port of the NES, making it very easy to set up two player games

Explore Navigate an "infinite wall" of games

  • If you move your cursor just beyond the edge of the game wall, the entire wall will scroll over, creating an infinite wall of games
  • Practically speaking, this is a great way to have the screen saver load in a bunch of new game scenarios at once!

Customize Tune the experience exactly to your liking

  • All aspects of the screen saver are highly configurable, including the following:
    • Sound on/off/only on when user is playing game
    • Length of time each movie is played before advancing to new one
    • Information scrolled along bottom of NES display
  • Extensive video options are included
    • Software upscalers such as HQX, ScaleX, and NTSC provide improved picture quality in higher resolutions
    • Custom display modes can be selected for the screen saver to run in
    • Video can be routed through GDI or DirectDraw video subsystems, providing greater flexibility